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Stylish 42 m² Apartment

Designers love the great outdoors because they allow them to be creative and deploy all their knowledge, include variety of colors, materials, furniture, fabrics and objects. In addition, if the rooms are many, it can be used more than one style in the decoration. But what happens when we have a department of small spaces?

It is said that small spaces are doomed to be functional, and it is true. But that should not be neglected and the tasteful decoration. For a designer of environments, a small space to be a challenge and an adventure. You must be able to select the best, most beautiful, what better yet combine, which is functional and useful for the home dweller.


Today we give you some tips to decorate an apartment of 42m² with style.

1.-Use of Space: This may seem obvious, it is not so in reality. Knowing how to use the space efficiently is not easy as it seems. You can avail yourself of online sites that allow you to make a virtual replica of your department and your furniture with measures to scale. This will help you find the best way to locate them not to waste space.

2.-Decides the style: Probably a department of this size no more than two rooms. Carefully choose the style you'll use. For example, decorate with baroque style it will be difficult and subtract space. Baroque is a style characterized by abundance: objects, colors, materials. If you fill a small room furniture, the space will be further reduced. Best stripped choose more styles, including clear colors that give more brightness and make the space look larger. Some styles are suitable for small spaces: minimalist, Nordic and feng-shui.

3.-Look for the "aesthetic functionality" must find the balance between what is useful and necessary, and which gives beauty to a room. It is not always easy but worth a try. Search furniture that meet more than one function, as the bases for beds that include drawers for storing clothes. A space-saving folding desk will also be useful. You need to get creative and practical.



4.-Use Visual Tricks: a large mirror serve for decorating walls but also help create the illusion of more space. Clear and white colors also meet this function. Straight lines also help enlarge the space. To incorporate these colors and lines a wall decoration lines, a very useful way is the use of wall decals.

Choosing Wall Decals for a Small Environment

The wall decals recommended for use in a small environment will be those that have printed motif reduced in size. Choose the reason you like but make sure the drawings are not great. You should also avoid color contrast. Always lean on the soft, light colors, which provide brightness, creating the illusion of more space.


Now that you know how to do it choose your wall decals for your apartment of 42m²!

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