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Summer Decoration

Summer is one of the seasons that most inspires us to decorate given the cheerful, funny and original style that can be taken. Every year, summers bring decorative proposals themselves, and even new trends appear which makes for infinite possibilities to decorate your home environments. However, since Vinilismo.com, store leader wall decals, we want to give an overview of how to achieve a decoration summer through quick and simple ideas and that is why we have prepared these 5 tips for you.

1st Tip: Eliminates Furniture and Accessories that are not Functional.

The idea is that your house look fresh and light in summer, which seeks to remove all the furniture and accessories that cause sensation of heat or related to the winter. For example, dark-toned furniture, carpets, rugs and even thick curtains among other accessories. Basically, the aim is that the furniture to stay not interfere with the decor and the fresh feeling you want to give your room.

decoracion de verano 1

Tip 2: Choose a Simple Decor.

In summer you should try to get your space is large and clear. This idea is very similar to minimalist style, well known in the world of decoration. However, it is not mandatory that you have to take but simply find that the room look fresh and relaxing at this time of year. If you want to turn away from the minimalist style and give a more rustic look to your home, try adding embellishments and accessories to tone but always trying to keep it simple.

3rd Tip: Use Natural Elements.

Generally, wood is the natural element par excellence for both furniture to accessories. At the same time, something that can not miss are houseplants and flowers either naturally, by some print and even placing wall decals of flowers on the walls.


The 4th Tip: Opt for Light, Neutral Colors.

Depending on the type of color you choose for the environment is the kind of weather you able to create. So if the idea is to make a summer decoration neutral tones or pastels are ideal and are usually very fashionable. Whether to install a wallpaper as well as wall decals, the premise of the colors must respect the most.

The 5th Tip: Ensure adequate Lighting and Ventilation.

You must make the most of natural light coming from outside, which we recommend using light curtains and if you install large windows, much better. Thanks to this, managed to give the impression of spaciousness in the room and freshness. Meanwhile, the issue of ventilation is a fundamental point that you should not overlook to combat the high temperatures in the best way possible. For this reason, attempts to install an air conditioning system that allows your space is most cool and dry.

You see it is not difficult to decorate your home in summer. Take into account these 5 tips you have given and start enjoying a simple, fresh and relaxing atmosphere.


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