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Tips for decorating with flowers

The flowers are those simpler and cheaper to decorate a room and change the appearance of a simple way elements. Unless you choose those that are in season, the flower decoration is one of the best choices you can adopt because they are always readily available and given the variety in color and fragrance, have the ability to instantly transform the look of a room.

In this article, we'll give you some tips so you can achieve a happy and fun decor with flowers. First, it is essential you choose flowers that are to your liking, considering the style of your home as well as the atmosphere you want to create. One virtue of the flowers is that they encourage a good mood and satisfaction of the people who are in that environment. And this is clearly marked by color and design that has the flower, so it is essential to know what atmosphere you want to create before you start decorating with flowers.

Second, and related to the previous point, you must decide what color are the flowers that you will use to decorate your home. They have the power to express different emotions in each room, such as a relaxed place in your living room, a reassuring look in the bathroom, a state of somewhat more energetic mood in your office or a more sensual atmosphere in your room . With regard to colors, yellow flowers make you feel the most energetic people, expressing passion red, clear green express serenity and white reflect purity and cleanliness, among other options.

decoracion floral 2

decoracion floral 3

Then it's time to move to different ways to decorate with flowers. You can choose to place wall decals with flower and accompany with a flower arrangement in the room. Also, another interesting option are potted plants indoor garden and if you can try to choose some chords for that site. However, it is critical that you have in consideration the characteristics of the flowers that are going to choose. For example, orchids are likely to have durability if you set them near a window, rather than in a closed place such as bathroom.

decoracion floral 1

The less desirable place to decorate with flowers is the kitchen, due to temperature changes and the smoke can be generated. However, the wall decals in this environment are a good alternative instead of placing floral arrangements.

You see, so far we have described how to decorate with flowers in a general way in each environment. But you can also perform this type of decoration in a somewhat more personal and special way, especially if you have an event to go. Then we'll give you some options that you can be very useful and that go beyond a simple vase placed somewhere in your house:

1. Wreaths, decorating the entrance.
2. Edible flowers, ideal for decorating a drink.
3. Petals in pots to decorate as centerpieces
4. Floating flowers, simply to fill a glass of water and place a flower inside.

decoracion floral 4

Throughout this article, you may have noticed that definitely decorate with flowers is a cheerful and fun way to transform your home, whether for everyday or for special meetings. If you need wall decals to complement all these ideas, from Vinilismo.com we can assist and advise you which design would be the most suitable for you according to your purposes. Do not forget to consult us!

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