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Tudor Style Decor

The Tudor style is a style of decoration of houses based on the sophistication and elegance typical of its origins. Its beginnings date from the late fifteenth century and come from the English medieval architecture. Given their unique characteristics, we intend to decorate your home teach the Tudor style. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully read this article where we will give the main guidelines for your home breathes a refined and aristocratic style that will make it unique and incomparable.

To begin, you should know that Tudor-style houses have a framework of wooden beams characteristic black or dark brown wooden and very steep roofs and gables known. These characteristics are given by definition in Tudor style. However, if your home is far from resembling architecturally not mean you cannot accomplish your goal of decorating anyway this.


Something that cannot fail in the decoration of Tudor houses are wooden paneling on the walls, as well as promote the use of carpets, fabrics and tapestries to decorate the walls. Unlike other styles, the wall decals are not a recommended option if you want to provide a refined image. However, a wallpaper and framed with dark wood colors could be an interesting alternative.


Another very typical Tudor style element are the textures. Whether dealing with curtains, carpets, cushions and tapestries, and the predominant colors are usually gold, red and blue. It is critical that all these elements revolve around these colors, but for example in the case of the carpet, you can dispense with whenever you have put a wooden floor, which will be an element in your decor.

Regarding furniture, the ideal is to acquire own period furniture, which are very similar to the Gothic since are characterized by dark wood and large. Even, you can also find furniture with carved details. Then it's time to move to the decorative elements. Par excellence, the most famous are the ancient shields and showcases with objects inside. Canopy beds we saw in the Arab style are also part of this style and anyone glassware, porcelain and shiny metal will be more than welcome addition to a wrought iron chandelier.

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Finally, when it comes to lighting we recommend that you install chandeliers as well as some wall lamps.

You see the decoration of Tudor-style houses is not a kind of economic decoration, since the objects that compose it are usually very costly, hence it is a very distinguished and refined style. Anyway, if you want to indulge you can try to decorate your home this way and play to belong to the aristocracy. From Vinilismo.com leading wall decals store, we can advise and clear all your doubts to transform your home into an aristocratic and distinguished atmosphere.

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