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Tuscan-style decor

This time, we will introduce the Tuscan-style decor. If you've never heard of it, we are sure that this article will be of great interest. And if you already know, with certainty, will serve as inspiration for decorating your home this way.

By way of introduction we say that the Tuscan style has its origins in ancient Italy. Its main idea is to reflect the nature and simplicity, something that no doubt can be achieved with little money and a dose of creativity. Among its salient features rustic and warm highlights. Whereupon, without further ado we will set out the elements that must take into account if you want to decorate your home with this style.

In a first step, we note that the Tuscan decor uses warm colors. In light of this, it is expected that the houses containing its walls painted a shade to earth style, ie colors such as orange, olive green, brown and even beige. And while adding gold and / or reds can be a nice combination. However, if you prefer to place custom wall decals of this colors to avoid having to paint the walls, they are also an option.


Once the subject of the walls are done, you should continue with the floor. Mud floors or terracotta are the most common in the Tuscan style. The main advantage of adopting this kind of floor is that you will achieve give a feeling of warmth and color at the same time, ideal if your home is a bit cold. However, if these options will look very rustic, you can change choosing floors of stone or wood, but if you do, we recommend that you include any own carpet Tuscan style, so as not to lose the essence.

As we mentioned above regarding the floors, these materials can also be applied to antique furniture, which surely can get in antique shops or second hand. As a result, managed to give your home a strong and rustic, basic postulates of this kind of decoration. Given that requires this rustic style, it is not advisable to use wall decals on furniture, as we have suggested itself in other types of decoration.


Among these antiquities we discussed recently, some typical Tuscan style pieces happen to be vessels, columns, pieces of Roman art and even candles with wrought iron sconces. In line with the latter, in life, balance it is necessary. And the same can be achieved this way, through the presence of metal residing with the elements already mentioned above. For this reason, the wrought iron is an excellent option that is also present in decorative items such as lamps can also be, in furniture so that together complement the decor.


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