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What type of carpet should I choose?

The type of carpet to use is one of the most critical elements when it comes to home decor. Many people prefer those extending from wall to wall, while others find it more attractive to use smaller rugs covering certain areas of the floor alone and combined with wall decor (either wallpaper borders, wall decals or wallpaper as appropriate).

The correct decision on what type of carpet you choose not only brings more warmth to the atmosphere but also will transform it into a more beautiful and elegant. For this reason, in this article we propose to help you choose the most suitable type of carpet for your home and so we hope that the following tips are taken into account, according to your own tastes.

The first factor to consider is the texture of the carpet. Some are made of wool and other synthetic. The former are likely to be longer, but when the choice is essential to weigh all the factors that tip the balance from one side to the other. Under this, the budget and the level of elegance you're looking for are clues to determine what style, design and carpet model will be to your liking.


In regards to durability and quality wool carpets are recommended to be more resistant and also very easy to clean but they are also the most expensive, so it is important that you evaluate very well what is the budget that accounts and what use you'll give to the carpet to decide whether it will be worth you purchase a rug in wool or synthetic. However, if the idea is to decorate a bathroom, a kitchen or basement, probably not worthwhile to invest much money in a wool rug, but a synthetic would be your ideal choice.


Another consideration in choosing your carpet is the color. The same will depend largely on the design and style that have given to the room you want carpeting. For example, we say that if you have a room with light walls, we recommend that you focus on a carpet with a bright color that allows highlight and vice versa. A very modern and stylish combination is, for example, decorate your kitchen with a light colored wallpaper borders and place a dark carpet for a good contrast.


Finally, the last thing to consider is installing carpet. If you are a person who has manual skills and want to encourage you to place it, go ahead! Sometimes it may be convenient to call a specialist to do the job for some extra money. And with regard to the part of the decor, in Vinilismo.com can help and advise you on what type of decoration would be most appropriate for you, such as wall decals, wallpaper borders or other decorative element to your liking to match your carpet. You’ll notice, it all adds up and it is important to consider all these aspects before buying your carpet.

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