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Types of mirrors in decoration

The magic of mirrors makes the space of the room appear larger than it really is. Therefore, it is essential the presence of such elements in any home decor to bring that feeling of more light and space they can offer you. The secret is knowing how to place them to achieve the desired effect.

Today there is variety of mirrors of different sizes, shapes and styles, from those who are hanging up to standing, so if you want to use them to decorate your home, first of all you must choose the one that suits your taste, combining with decorating walls and meeting the goals that you propose.

To begin, we'll give you some basic guidelines you need to consider:

a) They must be placed in locations that give certain safeguards, so as to prevent breakage easily.

b) Try to avoid placing mirrors against walls without any decor. If you have wall decals on the walls, you can use them to aim the mirror towards them. It could be some kind of floral wall decal to give the impression that there are two vinyls.


c) Analyze all possibilities where are you positioning the mirror to prevent parts of the house you do not want to be in sight reflected.

With regard to the best places to install them, the most traditional are the gateway, behind the bedroom doors or walls adjacent to the doors. With the latter, you can afford to play in order to evaluate which option provides more light and space. What we must avoid is to install one in the kitchen, and which by its nature is the least preferred place to place one. In short, below is a brief summary of the particular characteristics of mirrors according to the place they are to be installed.

Mirror for the Bathroom

When choosing a mirror for the bathroom, you should focus on analyzing a basic tip in the decoration of houses, as is the amount of space you have in him, so that it is a harmonious blend with the rest of the decor room. Beyond the number of options available, round or square, mirrors are ideal for a trendy look to your bathroom.


Mirror for Room

As I mentioned to the bathroom, you should try to make intelligent use of the mirror in the room, for example in combination with other furniture and decoration being consistent with the environment, either through wallpaper, decals or simply paint. For this type of environment, you have options as hanging mirrors or those that come with a stand and allow to focus the entire body.

 Mirrors in Hallways and Stairs

Most of the halls are small and in some cases dark, sufficient grounds to place one or more mirrors. Ideally, that they are small and can accommodate such that seem fun.


Facing Mirrors Window

This is a great tip that rarely taken into account but thanks to the reflection coming from the window, allows the space to multiply, creating the effect of amplitude sought. Finally, we describe some types of mirrors so you can be making you an idea of which of them you think best suit your home. For example, you have flat mirrors which are those whose image is reflected inverted, curved, which may be convex or concave, which in this case reflect things in parallel to the axis and the squares are ideal for a home decor minimalist.


In short if you want to decorate your home with mirrors you will find a wide array of options not only in form but also of styles and purposes to be achieved.

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