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Victorian Decor Style

The Victorian decor is one of the most famous and traditional, widespread especially in the United States and England. He was born mainly as a style of architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain since the mid to late nineteenth century. Then, by its sobriety and particularities, invade other areas such as fashion, literature, decorative arts and visual arts. It is one of the classics that never go out of fashion. If you currently have a home decorating project and are interested in the Victorian style, follow our advice.

The furniture in a room decorated in Victorian style should be rather large and wood. They have curved lines and hand carved. They have ornaments and, if you have upholstered, are leather or floral patterns. In the bedrooms, the beds should have big heads. As for the tables, it is preferred to choose the round and wide feet.

This style of decoration highlights the use of textures. The most commonly used fabrics are silk and velvet, which can be applied in curtains and upholstery. On the curtains can be added embroidery, lace, tassels and fringe.

As for the colors used for the decoration of houses in Victorian style, you must choose between the darkest ranges: red, brown, gold and green. There is also room for the purple and mauve.

This is one of those styles of decoration that does not skimp on the presence of accessories. If you visit a decoration shop, you will find many options Victorian accessories: statues, candles, mirrors, photographs, trunks with an antique touch. Take care that no "bare spots" in the rooms.

Floors should be preferably wood. You can also include carpets to create contrast in the room.

One aspect that some people forget when carrying a home decorating project is enlightenment. In the case of Victorian lighting it is key: if it gets into your budget, consider buying a vintage chandelier to make it protagonist of the room. Failing that, look for light bulbs whose shape mimics that of candles. If possible, allows natural light through the windows.

When paint or decorate the walls, you can opt for floral patterns, or including birds and butterflies. To avoid clutter, complications and save time and money, you can use wall decals.

Wall Decals for Victorian Style

You can take advantage of the variety and high customization of vinyl for the walls of your Victorian room.

It will be a more traditional pattern in floral style, but you can also opt to choose an original design as a monochromatic landscape. Our wall decals store offers options in Victorian style but you can also order a custom design if you have in mind. To choose a custom design, do not forget that the Victorian style is characterized by the use of dark colors like burgundy, green or purple, floral patterns and prints, although you can also include butterflies or birds.

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