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Waste Reduction at Home

Since not many years ago, humans began to become aware of the damage that can progress to cause on Earth. Pollution, increased waste and lack of care, have caused much damage.

As inhabitants of the planet, we must be responsible and work from our place to reduce the negative impact that our lifestyle can have on nature.

Change can start from small changes in everyday life: turn off the lights did not use to save energy, use less the car and replace it by bike or simply walking, and reduce waste we generate are good ways to begin the change.

We can also contribute to environmental stewardship talking with family and coworkers about these concerns, and coordinating these small actions to achieve a more global change.


Our wall decals store will do its part, by giving you ideas to reduce waste that is generated after using our products. When you place an order at our wall decals store, the order comes in a cardboard box containing the product. And after being applied, will remain as residue a sheet of transfer paper.

To use these elements, we introduce an idea that, in addition to helping reduce waste, will be very helpful in keeping your home organized.

Box Organizer and Technical Kirigami

The Kirigami not to be confused with the technique of origami although they are related. Both work on paper, but is not karigami simple folds, but involves creating reliefs by performing cuts. The results can be truly amazing and beautiful.


What will you need?

1.- Materials Leftover of your vinyl purchased at our store: cardboard box and the paper sheet transfer.

2.- A special design for kirigami

3.- Vinyl glue or tape

4.- Cutter

5.- Colored markers

What is the procedure?

1.- Draw on a transfer paper a special design for kirigami (You can find "kirigami templates" on the web. There are simple models and other complex, please start with a simple one and then experience).

2.- Use the cutter to make the necessary cuts in the design. With the same cutter, make folds to create the relief of the figure.


And presto! And you have your organizer Homemade Karigami design and you've made your contribution to reducing waste at home and on the planet. We hope you like this idea of recycling have served to you as inspiration and can create your own organizers.

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