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During installation follow the steps bellow... for more information please contact us

  • 1. Open the cardboard pipe and remove the vinyl carefully (the vinyl will be covered with two sheets: the transfer and the sheet base). Be sure that the wall or surface where you want it be clean.

  • 2. Separate the upper part from the transfer and from the sheet base.

  • 3. Attach the upper part of the transfer to the wall, assuring you that the vinyl remains in the position desired.

  • 4. Gently, separate the sheet base while you stick the transfer along with the vinyl to the wall. You can use a rule, a palette with round tips or a flannel to assure that the vinyl sticks well and that there are no bubbles trapped inside.

  • 5. Remove the transfer from the wall very slowly verifying that the vinyl remains well adhered to the wall.

  • 6. Reuse or recycle the cardboard tube and the surplus materials .

  • Note: If you want to remove the vinyl, apply some heat with a hairdryer and raise it slowly from the corners. Once removed it is not advisable to stick it again, since it loses its form.